Mayhem filled arena brawler

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Ready Set Sumo!
Ready Set Sumo!

Ready Set Sumo pits up to four players and their crazy characters against each other to triumph in the ring. Battle to be the last one standing as you fight your way to victory, whacking and thwacking each other with out of this world weapons.


Ready Set Sumo! has a collection of over 100 weapons; using these, players fight across a variety of arenas, avoiding dangers unique to each one, making every game a little different!


Playing games will earn you rewards over time. Customise your characters to make the game your own. Keep playing to unlock character skins, emotes, accessories and more!

Ways to play

With our collection of over 100 weapons, every game will be different. You may choose to work with your opponents to fight the other players, but remember, there can only be one winner!

Sumo Showdowns

Battle with wacky weapons to be named the champion as you clash with enemies in the arena, dodge dangers and try to survive the mayhem!

Even More Modes!

Keep the action going with friends or fight solo with a total of 6 game modes! Each with unique challenges and quirks!

Easy To Learn

With simple and intuative controls, it's easy for anybody to get involved in Ready Set Sumo!
A great game to play with friends or family.


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